Dye Systems, Inc. Laboratory Services

Dye Systems Inc. operates a fully equipped, in-house laboratory that provides services in quality assurance, product technical assistance and dye manufacturing. Each of our lab technicians are qualified members of American Association of Textile Colorists and Chemists (AATCC). We employ a highly specialized group of professionals with unmatched practical experience in many sectors of the textile dye/finishing industry.

worker in laboratoryQuality Assurance

All products are tested prior to shipping, and samples are retained of each lot in the event our technicians need to assist customers in resolving dye product related issues during production.

Product Technical Assistance

Dye Systems Inc. is committed to customer success with our products. Each customer uses our products in different equipment, conditions and environment. Experienced Dye Systems technicians work with customers to develop standardized product-use procedures and production processes to assure production efficiency and color quality.

trays of powdered pigment samplesDye Manufacturing

Dye Systems technicians are able to customize or tailor make products in large and small quantities in a quick turnaround. Specifically, we provide the following:
Custom blending
Shade matching
Textile fastness tests