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Dye Systems, Inc. is Dedicated to Quality Products, Efficiency in Service and Customer Commitment

office photo of company mottoDye Systems Inc. is committed to providing customers with immediate and exceptional service. Our customer orders are shipped same or next day, and our employees are highly specialized and committed to customer satisfaction.

Quality control is a priority at Dye Systems Inc. We operate an in-house, fully equipped laboratory for physical testing and color/chemical analysis. Our lab technicians are members of American Association of Textile Colorists and Chemists (AATCC). They are experienced and highly qualified professionals.

As part of Dye Systems’ quality assurance program, all products are tested prior to shipping, and samples of each lot are retained in the event our technicians need to assist you in resolving dye product-related issues during production.

At Dye Systems Inc., we offer our products in standard industry colors and have the ability and flexibility to custom blend or create color shades to meet all of your production needs. Our employees will work with you to create standardized procedures and production processes for using dye products based on your manufacturing equipment, conditions and environment. We are committed to your success with our products.